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People tell you that you should make sacrifices.

They say you should set aside what you really want. You should be responsible and do what you're "supposed"" to do. You should deny yourself and set aside YOU to take care of an unfulfilling, thankless daily routine.

They're wrong.

Pleasuring yourself isn't a luxury. It isn't frivolous. It's the best thing you could ever do to feel happier, healthier, sexier, more alive and even in love with yourself - no matter who you are!

That may sound impossible for you right now, but it's not. It's very possible, and it's the right thing to do.

Listen to this video and find out for yourself. Let me tell you why pleasure is important to your life - why it's crucial to your self-happiness - and listen as I describe the delicious, beautiful and balanced life you could have.

Let me ask you this: How often do you pleasure yourself?

I don't mean THAT kind of pleasure (though that could be part of it!). I mean the kind of pleasure that comes from saying yes to yourself and what you really want to do, no matter how simple it seems.

Like saying yes to slow dancing on your coffee table when no one's watching, just because you can.

Like saying yes to wearing your best lingerie beneath your clothes, for no reason, without any special occasion in mind...

You can. And you should.

Enjoy the amazing amounts of simple pleasures in life - with your partner, with someone you care about, with a friend... even with just yourself! It's an amazing experience that opens up so many opportunities.

Because pleasure lets you connect with yourself - maybe for the first time in your life.

You'll feel more inner peace. You'll bring a sense of calm confidence to your life. You'll feel more fulfilled in everything you do.

And you'll realize you're suddenly enjoying life so much more.

You'll connect more easily with others, with enhanced self-esteem and inner confidence. They'll want to listen to you and be with you more - because you'll radiate balance and joy.

Here's an extra bonus that happens when you bring pleasure to your life:

You'll feel beautiful. Sexy. Even desirable! You'll discover tempting new ways to take your current relationship (yes, even if it's terribly boring!) to new levels of excitement.

If you don't have that special someone right now, you'll build amazing potential to meet that ideal person. You'll start attracting more people to you - people you want to be with... and who want to be around you.

Pleasuring yourself isn't wicked or sinful or selfish. It's the opposite! You'll feel better about you and get clarity on your innermost desires - what you really want from life.

And you'll finally be able to go after it.

Every day becomes one you look forward to.

Just imagine: Every day of your life will be exciting.

You'll love the feeling. Your friends will tell you something about you has changed...they just aren't sure what. Give them a smug smile, because this is your little secret.

You'll know what's changed.


The healing power of pleasure has been proven through science, biomechanics, quantum physics and human physiology. Pleasure allows you to live a longer, healthier, happier and more vibrant life - the one you should be living right now.

Pleasure sweeps away pain, discontentment and depression and replaces it with happiness, fulfillment and potential.

That needy, unloved feeling dissolves away, leaving you with a healthy, focused, creative mindset that makes you look and feel sexier and delicious.

Pleasuring yourself even has the power to help you lose weight, balance your hormones and enhance your wellbeing with confidence.

You'll feel important, worthy, and valuable - don't you want that?

Yes, you DO. You deserve all that and more.


I've worked with pleasure principles for the past 15 years, helping men, women and couples discover their own pleasures, guilt free and with amazing results.

Now I want to share these pleasure principles with you.

That's why I've created a special audio CD called Pleasure Practices that teaches you 52 weeks of life-enhancing strategies you can begin using today - right now.

The Pleasure Practices CD gives you a full year of strategies - one for each week. That's 52 low-cost (or even free!) Pleasure Practices for you to enjoy and start enhancing your life.

Each Pleasure Practice is delivered in a short, 4- to 8-minute audio track. Listen to my soothing, relaxing voice guide you as you learn the benefits of what you should do. Why you should do it. How to do it. When. And even who to do it with.

In just 4 minutes, you could feel better and happier than you do right now.

Start bringing Pleasure Practices into your life now - and for a full year. Whether you're a man or a woman, single or in a relationship... no matter who you are, these Pleasure Practices can work for you.

Think of how amazing and exciting your life will be after you try all 52 weeks of strategies! You won't believe how easy it is - or how good you'll feel.


Pleasure Practices comes in a convenient audio CD you can play in any stereo so that you can discover each of the 52 principles in the comfort of your home. Or, pop the CD in and listen while you commute to work. You can even put the tracks on your iPod and take them with you on a walk.

In just 4 to 8 minutes, you'll be smiling. Because pleasuring yourself is that simple. That easy.

And that good.

Order Pleasure Practices today and receive all 52 strategies for only $67 - and for a healthier, happier, sexier you.

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