Arousal is the foundation on which we build pleasure: Arousal is both physical & mental. This lesson covers how to cultivate erotic mindfulness, setting the mood for expansive pleasure experiences, understanding our own arousal cycles & how to engage the senses to optimize our arousal. We even get a little kinky with tips for heightening the senses through sensation play.

The lesson includes video instruction, an accompanying journal prompt for exploring your turn-ons, an exercise to help you create your erotic archive & a choose your own sense-ational adventure for creating a truly gourmet pleasure experience, & product recommendations for expansive sensory exploration.

Included with this lesson is a FREE bonus video on how to create a Balanced Pleasure Practice. It's like meal planning for your pleasure practice!



Awakening the Senses

Accessing Your Arousal is the Key to Unlocking Your Pleasure Potential

Our arousal cycle is the foundation on which we create pleasure - it is both physical and mental. When we understand our turn-ons, our personal arousal style and how to cultivate an erotic mindset, we are able to unlock our pleasure potential. Engaging the senses further expands the pleasure possibilities. This series of lessons includes:

Cultivating Erotic Mindfulness

Creating a Pleasure Archive

Understanding Arousal

Engaging the Senses

Sensation Play

This lesson is accompanied by thoughtful journal prompts, sensory exercises and product recommendations. Get a FREE bonus lesson on Creating a Balanced Pleasure Practice with every purchase