What you'll learn in this course...

Your relationship with your pleasure, with your body, and with your partners starts with you. We are conditioned to prioritize our relationships with others. When is the last time you took yourself on a date? Do you have a strong understanding of your arousal pattern? What are your current turn-ons?

This lesson covers how to get comfortable with and make the most of a solo play practice including:

  • Addressing roadblocks to masturbation
  • Understanding your personal pleasure map
  • Building versatility & exploring fantasy in your solo play
  • Creating an erotic rolodex
  • Tips for expanding your body's pleasure potential
  • Toys & Techniques

Become the authority of your own pleasure!

Example Curriculum

  Developing an Expansive Solo Play Practice
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  BONUS! Creating a Balanced Pleasure Practice
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Expanding Your Solo Play

A meaningful pleasure practice starts with YOU

Getting in touch with your personal pleasure and developing a solo play practice expands your pleasure possibilities. This lesson covers:

  • Addressing roadblocks
  • Personal pleasure mapping
  • Understanding your arousal pattern
  • Creating an erotic rolodex
  • Breathwork
  • Tips, toys and techniques for expansive orgasmic experiences