Become the authority of your pleasure & put your knowledge into action...

The Solo Play & Awakening the Senses Bundle gives you access to 7 video lessons and 8 exercises to get you well on your way with your pleasure practice.

Kick start your solo play practice:

  • Addressing roadblocks to masturbation
  • Understanding your personal pleasure map
  • Building versatility & exploring fantasy in your solo play
  • Creating an erotic rolodex
  • Tips for expanding your body's pleasure potential
  • Toys & Techniques

Mastering your arousal cycle:

  • Cultivate erotic mindfulness
  • Setting the mood¬†for expansive pleasure experiences
  • Engage the senses to optimize our arousal
  • Create your own gourmet sense-ational adventure
  • Heighten the senses and explore kink through¬†sensation play

Included with this lesson is a FREE bonus video on how to create a Balanced Pleasure Practice. It's like meal planning for your pleasure practice!


Solo Play & Awakening the Senses Bundle

Perfect starter pack for all pleasure enthusiasts

Getting in touch with your personal pleasure map and developing a solo play practice expands your pleasure possibilities. Engaging the senses, breaking out of limiting pleasure practices, and cultivating erotic mindfulness empower you to own your pleasure, wherever you are on your journey!

Purchase the bundle and get $5 off the lessons. Like all pleasure practices, this lesson includes a FREE bonus lesson on creating a balanced pleasure practice. Everything you need for initiating or deepening your pleasure practice.