Are you working off of incomplete or outdated information about your body and your pleasure? Where are your personal erogenous zones? How do they respond? What ignites your arousal cycle?

This lesson covers a simple, yet sensual practice that deeply connects you to your body. The erotic body scan can unlock your orgasmic potential, get you in touch with your arousal cycle, support you through physical and relationship changes as you come to know your own personal pleasure map. This practice is the perfect jumping off point for any goals you may have around welcoming more pleasure into your life.

The Lesson includes guided video instruction as well as written instruction for reference, a personal pleasure map exercise & journal prompts to help you incorporate the information from the practice into your sensual explorations.

Included with this lesson is a FREE bonus video on how to create a Balanced Pleasure Practice. It's like meal planning for your pleasure practice!


  The Erotic Body Scan...
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  BONUS! Creating a Balanced Pleasure Practice
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The Erotic Body Scan

Discover your Personal Pleasure Map

The Erotic Body Scan is a simple and soulful practice that helps you develop an understanding of your pleasure map. Like a mindfulness body scan, the Erotic Body Scan helps you get grounded and connected to your body. The Erotic Body scan is an excellent tool for accessing & building arousal, gaining knowledge, working through sexual ruts, expanding your orgasmic potential, reconnecting with your body after a change and more! It is a great place to start for anyone interested in initiating, reigniting or deepening their pleasure practs.