Accessing pleasure increases our overall wellness, confidence & presence. Pleasure Practices offers you meaningful & accessible ways to incorporate pleasure into your life wherever you are on your pleasure journey!

Each lesson includes:
  • Guided Video Instruction
  • Supplemental Exercises & Prompts
  • Pleasure Product Recommendations
  • FREE Bonus Video! "How to Create a Balanced Pleasure Practice"


"Sarah is inspirational. Her years of teaching experience shows in her composure and clarity. I teared up taking her class and I have definitely noticed a renewed confidence since." - Robin J.


Each lesson is accompanied with a FREE video! Pleasure Practices simplifies the process of finding the practice & approach that's right for you - it's like a meal plan for your pleasure.

Awakening the Senses

Heart-opening, inclusive & incredibly approachable lessons that educate & inspire: from accessible self-exploration practices to indulgent, sensual experiences.


Joyful, creative, interactive activities & prompts to guide you through a personalized journey with your pleasure.